The Mormon Mental Health Association

Supporting Mental Health Within the Mormon Community

Arizona State University

Dr. Doe Daughtery

Dr. Daughtery has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and is a full-time instructor at Arizona State University, where she teaches such classes as Religion in America, Women and Religion, and Witchcraft and Heresy in Europe. 

She is currenly also a student in the ASU MSW program.

Ball State University

Andrew Brimhall

Doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology. My research is focused on international populations, multiculturalism and social justice. I am currently completing a one-year clinical internship at Colorado State University Health Network serving CSU students. 

Ohio University

Rebekah Crawford

Doctoral candidate in Communication Studies at the Ohio University in Athens, OH. Research focus is found where religious faith and community intersect with mental wellness

Northcentral University

Shellie Hutchinson - Orlando, FL

MS candidate in Marriage & Family Therapy

Interests: Couples Counseling, Sexual Intimacy

University of Alberta

Zac Erickson
Pursuing an M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta. Completed an M.Sc. in Neuroscience in 2014, and defended the thesis "The Behavioural Effects of Ancestral Stress and Post-Natal Environment." 
Interests include: mindfulness-based therapies, anxiety, depression, attention, and the intersection of religion/spirituality and mental health.

University of Louisville

Dustin Froehlich

4th year medical student. Planning to complete his residency in psychiatry specializing in either addiction and/or child psychiatry.  

University of Nebraska

Amy Houser

Graduate student at University of Nebraska Omaha pursuing an MSW in Social Work.

University of Utah

Becky Wade

Graduate student at the University of Utah, pursuing an MSW.  

Interests include DV, religious trauma and transition, and addiction.

Walden University Minnesota

Billie Short

Graduate student pursuing an MSW in Social Work. 

Washington University School of Medicine

Craig Yugawa

A med student passionate about trauma informed policy and practice, with an interest in bringing evidence-based perspectives within the Mormon community.