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Pausing at the Intersection of Faith, Race, and LDS Culture by LaShawn Williams-Schultz, CSW


Due to poor audio quality and lack of powerpoint/handouts - these audio recordings are being offered at a minimal cost.

Clinicians serve clientele best when they are able to provide culturally sensitive services to build therapeutic relationships and provide best practice services to clients experiencing crises related to their identity development within the LDS faith. Often times, cultural and racial issues can impact the development of a faith identity. Cultural differences are experiences of nuances and connections that clinicians can learn to recognize and incorporate into treatment planning. In this workshop, we will review three parts of building multicultural competence and confidence in clinical practice. The workshop will discuss the learned cultural concepts of identity, how to affirm cultural differences, and use differences as connection points in therapy.

LaShawn is a Multicultural Advocate and Practitioner aiding individuals, couples, and families to embrace their differences as seeds for lasting connection. She received her MSW in 2006 and has been a practicing social worker for almost 15 years.

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