The Mormon Mental Health Association

Supporting Mental Health Within the Mormon Community

Notes for 8/26/2014 Board Meeting of MMHA


President: Natasha Helfer Parker

Secretary: Jennifer White

General Board Member: Michelle Eakin

General Board Member: James Ott

  1. Thoughts/Ideas as to how we plan to move forward as a Board regarding the “sex addiction” treatment model.
    1. What questions would we want to prepare for the survey we will do through survey monkey? 
    2. Would we consider this an “evidence-based, best-practice” approach?
    3. Taking a “position” as an organization - or at least give a psycho-educational stance on this topic.

  1. Getting legal advice
    1. What type of legal advice do we need?
    2. Bylaws of the organization
    3. Could we find someone to work for us pro-bono - at least possibly this first year?
  • Insurance?
  1. Money Report
    1. Currently have $780.49 in paypal account.
    2. We paid Richard Holdman for his recording time.
    3. Still need to pay Natasha Parker for website fees.
    4. Still need to pay Kristin Hodson for conference room fees.
    5. Still need to receive conference monies from Kristin Hodson.
    6. Natasha still needs to get Marty Erickson a copy of treasurer report.


9/6 – have money in order

Accountant need?

  1. Ideas for committees. 
  • Make sure all these relate to our goals and mission statement
  • Each board member leading one
  • Research
  • Clinical
  • Advocacy - Policy
  • Education
    • Clergy training
    • For professionals
    • Public
  • Membership
  • Ethics
  • Special interest groups
  • Newsletter though email
  1. Next conference? Webinar? Topics? Speakers? Format? Dates? Let’s start marketing…

Have one yearly full day conference with main speakers and break out sessions. 

CEUs offered

Around the same time meet as a board and spend time together– 3 hours

Call for Presenters


Also we will plan one for Feb.

  1. How often do we want to be meeting at this stage? And for how long.
  • Monthly

Membership fee should go up. free service – James is looking into this

MMHA First Board Meeting Notes



President: Natasha Helfer Parker

Secretary: Jennifer White

General Board Member: Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

General Board Member: Michelle Eakin

Intros of those on the skype call

Agenda outline for meeting

  • Conference
  • Basics of what people will be signing up for
  • Website
  • Things to get done before the conference
  • Future ideas

MMHA is under the support of the Open Stories Foundation. We talked about why this is. Mainly non-profit status until we can get MMHA on its own status.

  • Conference
    • 30 people are already signed up
    • Kristin is working on getting CEUs for this conference
    • We will let them know walk-ins can come and sign up for the conference at the door
  • Basics of what people will be signing up for
  • Website
    • The basis for this will be up before the conference
    • It will include:
      • Mission statement
      • MMHA Goals
      • MMHA Code of Ethics
      • Email and link to Facebook group
        • The email will be a lot of work keeping up with this: we will want a few people checking to daily
      • Referrals list and ideas of how this will work (this will be up later)
        • Those on it on those with professional clinical licenses and have signed our Code of Ethics
          • Possible additional questions?
          • Will AMCAP members want to join – valid concerns with this re the standards of care they agree to in their organization
            • Want to be inclusive and also make sure the referral list has quality professionals that are open minded
            • Importance of including a disclaimer
              • Possibility of consulting with a lawyer about this
  • Things to get done before the conference
    • Get website up with basic info
    • Do we want to try and get any PR out there? Newspapers, radio interviews, etc.
    • Everyone continue to tell people about it


  • Jen White went on a tangent about ClergyBridge and how it may relate
  • By-laws: Michelle Eakin is going work on this
  • Who knows about setting up websites?
  • Legal concerns: We will want to talk to a lawyer about this
    • If anyone knows a lawyer who will help for free let us know
  • Cultural competence trainings
  • Those on the board can be the chair of different committees