The Mormon Mental Health Association

Supporting Mental Health Within the Mormon Community

Educators, coaches and professionals who are listed on this referral list agree with the mission statement of MMHA, have signed the Code of Ethics MMHA adheres to, and are in agreement with the MMHA positions. They are expected to meet their profession's standards for practice. However, MMHA does not monitor this information and cannot guarenatee that services rendered by these individuals meet professional standards or your personal satisfaction. If there are any issues/feedback regarding any of the educators/professionals on this list, especially of an ethical nature, please contact a member of the board.


John P. Dehlin, Psychology PhD - Salt Lake City
Areas of Expertise: Navigating a Faith Crisis, Couples work including Mixed Faith Marriages, Family coaching. 
Services offered: Individual, Couples, and Family coaching . Public speaking.  Workshops.  Retreats.


Kim Hamblin-Hart, Phd, ACC, WPCC - Tri-Cities


Areas of expertise: Life coaching in faith crisis, faith development, personal authority

Services offered: One-on-one coaching (in person or remote), workshops